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How you can organize a clinic with us

We have just completed another exciting 🐎 clinic at Alexanderhof. The topic was the ideal seat of the rider in practice and theory.

– What actually makes a good seat❓.
– Explanation of the meaning and benefits of these qualities❓.
– Help for self-help with exercises 😎
– Ideas for promoting your own perception πŸ’‘
– Training on the trotting trainer, and, and, and….

πŸ”Ž Just zoom in and take a look at the checklist of topics we created at the beginning of the course and then also (almost πŸ˜…) went through all of them.
The exercises to train self-awareness were particularly well received by the participants.

Now you might be thinking to yourself:
“That’s all well and good – but what’s in it for me now😏? The Alexanderhof is so far away from me – I can’t take part in any course anyway…🀷”

You may have always been interested in our course offerings, but it may have been too far and too much effort for you to travel that far.

Here is the solution πŸ‘ for you now:

There is a new offer. Simply organize a course with us at your stable πŸ˜‰!

After we have given courses outside the Alexanderhof for a long time – among other things now also several in the USA – we have simplified the organization enormously.
For this purpose, we have provided information for you for the specific topics, with which you can organize and apply for a course at your stable – also internationally!
Just go to the info page. There you will find:

  • Main topics
  • descriptions
  • Advertising material
  • Suggestions for daily planning
  • Contact options to make an appointment with us

Interested? Then click here – we look forward to your message πŸ˜€

current already fixed dates you can find here:

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