Athletic Lunging

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Athletic Lunging

Based on Classical Principles

What are the Benefits for Horse and Rider?

  • Target and develop specific muscle groups.
  • Develop the best gaits for your horse.
  • Build a mentally and physically fit horse.
  • Prepare young horses for riding
  • Rehabilitate injured horses.
  • Strengthen the relationship and connection with your horse.

Make the most of your time when training your horse. Athletic lunging is the most efficient way of doing groundwork with horses. Alexander brings his special lunging know-how to you. A knowledge which is based on more than 450 years of European riding history – passed on from generation to generation.

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What to expect in a 2 Day Clinic?

Day 1 – theory and practice:

  • Overview: Why is athletic lunging so good for my horse and me?
  • The most important work phases in classic lunging work.
  • Suppleness and stretching – meaning, benefits, quality, and criteria
  • What dynamic, area-related lunging means.
  • The right equipment and its handling.
  • The importance of body language and what your horse is telling you.
  • Problem solving – Learn to recognize when things are going wrong.

Day 2 – theory and practice:

  • Working on collection and athletic training.
  • Collection: Meaning and application as well as quality criteria.
  • Side reins in detail: Benefits and Risks.
  • Learn how to set up a training session.
  • Learn how to read your horse.

Alexander presents his tried and tested equipment and tools. Apart from a lunge line, there is no mandatory equipment for this clinic. Side reins are optional. Just bring the equipment you have worked with so far and you will see in joint training how you can best continue to work with your horse in the future. Most importantly, it is about recognizing what condition your horse is in at the moment and to learn what possibilities you have for improvement.

Regular trainings with Alexander in the your country are possible.


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