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Who are YOU and how can I support YOU?

Do you know this too?

Sometimes you are really desperate and frustrated because you feel that nothing is going on with your riding or is even going wrong? You get angry and can’t find a way out of the negative spiral?

You don’t know who to go to because you have already had many bad experiences with ruffians, supposed horse experts and riding instructors who train with pressure and stress? This has only made you more confused and insecure about riding, rider language and aids?

In these moments you need a kind of painting box with different shades of color, so to speak with different solution possibilities, in order to come to a good result and to get off the horse satisfied?

Then you are right here with me!


…are you the type of person who only needs outside input from time to time to bring your riding to the next level, to work on subtleties, to achieve more harmony?

Would you prefer to be your own riding instructor, teaching yourself and only getting outside input every now and then?

Would you like to feel free and decide for yourself what is good and right for you as a rider-horse team and when? You just need a little support and guidance now and then?

Then you are right here with me!

Or are you thinking about other things?

Do you perhaps have a deep-seated fear inside you that keeps preventing you from riding freely and happily?

Do you feel not balanced enough in the saddle and would like to give your seat more stability and security?

Would you like to fulfill your long cherished childhood dream and finally learn to ride? But you are afraid to take the first step?

Would you like to get out of your daily routine and do something completely different? Maybe just be with the horses, watch them or maybe even stroke them? Do something good for them and help in the stable?

Or have you been looking for a horse farm for your child for a long time, but haven’t found the right offer yet?

Then you are right here with me!

My offer:

Riding for children from 5-15 years and adults from 25-85 years according to a novel, holistic concept, where relaxation, calm, joy and empathic interaction with people and horses lead to real learning progress.

Possible in a group as well as in individual lessons, in each case individually coordinated.

Theoretical knowledge transfer and experience-oriented seat lunges play an important role.

In addition to dressage, light jumping gymnastics, quadrille riding and cross-country riding provide variety.

I am looking forward to you!

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Galopp / gallop - Irmi Kronsteiner & Luxor
Irmi Kronsteiner & Capolino

Alexander Kronsteiner

Horse trainer, coach for riding with lightness and joy, author and online course creator
from Austria coming to your stable and is teaching

Fine Riding

based on classical principles…

Alexander Kronsteiner riding Goahead

…and thereby gives you the keys to success for a perfect seat, sensitive aids and a healthy and well gymnastic horse.

Improve your riding by learning how to…

  • … become more aware of yourself and your horse
  • … get in resonance with the horse with your body and your mind
  • … work with your balance and develop fine aids with lightness
  • … generaly train your horse wisely not only physically, but also mentally

Be sure that you will…

  • … have deep pleasure in riding
  • … get not only an athletic horse, but also a physically healthy one
  • … develop the best possible gaits of your horse
  • … get a wonderful relationship with your horse
  • … improve your own fitness and health

Training in the saddle according to classical principles is the most secure way to ride horses in a healthy and joyful way. Riding in Europe has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 450 years. Based on the principles of the German FN, Alexander teaches you the way to fine riding with his model of the
4 core aspects of the ideal seat“.

What to expect in the training?

In theory and practice, there will be answers to questions like:

  • Why is riding according to classical principles so good for my horse and for me?
  • What are the 4 core aspects of an ideal seat and how can I practice them?
  • How can I learn to be more aware of myself and my horse?
  • What does an independent seat mean and how can I improve at it?
  • How do I work best with my balance and how do I develop fine aids?
  • What are the special aspects and details in the seat (rising trot,…)
  • How do I best gymnastize my horse while riding and how do I build up an ideal training program?
  • How do I recognize when something is not working optimally and what are the strategies for effective self-correction?

Additionally if interested:

  • How to start classical work with young horses?

In the end, you’ll know why good riding looks beautiful, and why beautiful looking riding is good.

Alexander also shares his experience with different bridles and saddles. However, all types of horses welcome and there is no prescribed equipment in the clinic (the safety of the equipment is the personal responsibility of the participants). Just bring what you have worked with so far, and you will look together how you can best work with your horse in the future. The main point is to recognize where you are with your horse at the moment and to learn what possibilities you have for improvement.

You are also very welcome to organize a course with Irmi or Alexander at your stable.
Of course also internationally!
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