Alexander Kronsteiner - Objectives, philosophy and references

It is my passion to support riders in keeping their horses as sporty and healthy as possible and to make them outstandingly rideable through sound training according to classical principles.

In addition, I help them to find a deep connection to their horse through horse-friendly interaction, even if their horse may already be old or ill.

In connection and serenity I want to permanently develop agility and strength in the horse with impulsion and variation. My intention is to maintain and promote our own health, but especially the health of our horses.
Ultimately, we will experience joy and fulfillment, which in turn will deepen the connection to ourselves and our horses

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“My intention is to support a horse in its development so that it can carry its rider with expression. With great responsiveness, a horse should be skillful and agile. A rider should be able to be proud and deeply satisfied with herself and her horse.”
The interaction with the horse in riding is a dialogue in the form of a whole-body experience. The connections between rider and horse are primarily seat and reins. Dialogue means communication, and it goes both ways: From man to horse and from horse to man. We therefore do well to train ourselves not only in acting, but above all in feeling.
Or even more concretely: If you have something to say, you first have to be able to listen.
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