Horse and human development according to Irmi Kronsteiner


according to Irmi Kronsteiner

To give the horse a person who likes it, who cares for it, who rides it well and beautifully.

To give the human being a horse at his side that grounds him, that strengthens him, that inspires him. – That is my mission.

I have been fascinated by horses since I was a child.

I love children – as well as people per se.

Irmi Kronsteiner als Kind auf der Alm mit 4 Jahren
Irmi Kronsteiner als Kind auf der Alm mit 4 Jahren
Irmi-Kronsteiner & Luxor im spanischen Schritt, Schloss Hubertendorf
Irmi-Kronsteiner & Luxor im spanischen Schritt, Schloss Hubertendorf

The LOVE and JOY that horses and people give me in countless touching moments, I want to share, multiply, potentiate.

So it is my special concern in my riding to bring people and horses in a relaxed, happy learning process and through a deeper understanding of the interconnections of soul, mind and body to unfold.

The experience of my work with horse and human includes the development of body awareness, a feeling of relaxation, self-esteem and finally a sense of freedom.

Thereby I teach riding techniques up to the higher class.

Wer bist DU und wie kann ich DICH unterstützen?

I am happy to advise and support you in topics related to vaulting and therapeutic riding.

Learn or perfect your lunging with me (e.g. for vaulting,…).

I also help you with the training of your therapy horse. Profit from my decades of experience.

I am also there for you if you are looking for horse-supported coaching.

Feel free to contact me if YOU have the feeling that I could accompany you on your way and support you with my knowledge, my experience and especially with my enthusiasm and joy.

Feel free to come to us at the Alexanderhof or I can also drive to you, to your stable.

It is always about TRUST – TRUST YOURSELF!

Irmi Kronsteiner & Luxor
Irmi Kronsteiner & Luxor

On my journey to becoming a horse and people developer, I am constantly inspired, coached and taught by numerous fascinating personalities. First and foremost, I would like to mention LUXOR:

Luxor, my heart horse and first teacher, who has been by my side since the age of 4. He has become an incredible friend and companion in many situations of life. Without him I would not be who I am today!

Numerous other horses, who taught me a lot and teach me every day anew, I would like to mention here with deep attachment and highest respect: Tibet, Piroschka, PrimaVera, Capolino, Master James, Bambino, Duna, Campari, De Luxe, Excellent, Holly, Selin, …

Of course, there were and are many wonderful people who support, advise and accompany me in my further development:

Alexander Kronsteiner, international riding and horse trainer, coach for riding with ease and joy, fine riding according to classical principles, author and online course developer, … and for me friend, sparring partner and mirror, … and above all the most loving and best husband I could wish for
Bettina and Christian Aichinger,
gymnastics center Blindenmarkt,
Julia and Walter Sitz,
both musicians and singers
Helmut Stütz,
dressage and jumping trainer up to class S, Germany
Christopher Egger,
former Spanish Riding School
Herwig Radnetter,
former Spanish Riding School
Arthur Kottas- Heldenberg,
former 1st rider of the Spanish Riding School
Anja Beran,
Class. Horsemanship, Germany
Elisabeth Waldbauer-Schall,
dressage judge
Manulea Hintermayr,
dressage trainer
Susanne von Dietze,
movement expert learning to ride, Israel

Mag.Magdalena Steindl, psychosocial counselor
Nadine Hauswirth, psychotherapist and VS rider
Michaela Scheithauer, psychologist and HTFP therapist
Werner Wecker, psychotherapist, Germany, Jugendhof Godewin
Petra Vagacs, Hippotherapist
Michaela Neunteibl, Hippotherapist
Elliot Shrimpton, horse training, Portugal
Team Hoofprotection with Josef Tramberger
Institute for Animal Health, Dr. Andrea Wüstenhagen
Mag.Vergis Poulios, veterinary horse specialist
Markus Duscher, horse trainer
Michael Eberhardt, Osteopath
Michaela Simon, saddle expert
Antje Kohler-Rostami, voice training

… and many other great people from the Board of Kuratorium für Therapeutisches Reiten, first and foremost Verena Bittmann, Section Leader HTFP and also from the Federal Sports Academy Vienna and the Austrian Equestrian Federation, especially Manfred Rebel, Federal Vaulting Officer.

THANK YOU to all my former and current students, whom I was and am allowed to accompany and from whom I was and am allowed to learn so infinitely much.


I look forward to seeing you!

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